Eight Types of warehouses in Dubai and how do you select one

Check out this blog to understand the different types of warehouses available in the market.

Every business has unique needs. When selecting a warehouse, you need to prioritize the storage aspects of your business. Does it align with your specific requirements and long-term goals?
From location, size, and safety to technology and cost, everything has to be taken into account while making the decision.
It doesn't matter whether you are a start-up looking for your first storage facility or an established business seeking to optimize your logistics network. Choosing the right warehouse for your business is necessary for operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall success. 
Dubai has different types of warehouses meant for various storage purposes. The warehouses have features that cater to specific industries and goods. Some warehouses offer only basic facilities, while others have specialized features and advanced technologies. The rent would vary depending on these specific elements. You have to make a decision that best suits your business needs.
In this blog, we look at eight types of warehouses available in Dubai and their features, so you can pick the one that is right for your business.
AC/Non-AC Warehouse

AC warehouses provide a climate-controlled environment ideal for the UAE's hot climate. They are the perfect solution for storing goods that are sensitive to temperature, such as food, medicine, furniture, clothing, and electronics. 
In an AC warehouse, the goods are stored in an air-conditioned facility and kept at a controlled temperature range of 20-27 degrees Celsius. 
AC facilities often maintain controlled humidity levels, providing an ideal environment for goods that require protection from moisture or humidity-related damage.
Non-AC warehouses generally have lower operating costs than their AC counterparts. It is a comparatively budget-friendly alternative storage facility for businesses with goods that do not require temperature control. 
Non-AC warehouses often provide more spacious storage areas, making them suitable for bulk storage or large-scale operations. They may be appropriate for goods that can withstand typical environmental conditions, such as industrial machinery and equipment.
Dubai has AC and Non-AC warehouses with storage areas from 10 sqft to 10,000 sqft. You can have these options for a minimum of 3 pallets or 5 CBMs up to any size or quantity. 
If you are looking for a warehouse only for a particular season or for a specific project, it is often better to opt for On-Demand storage services.
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Prices vary depending on the chosen size, location, and required time frame.
General Cargo Storage
General cargo includes all goods that can be transported as a whole; it does not include liquid freight or bulk load. The warehouses are designed to handle various goods, ranging from consumer products, electronics, textiles, machinery, and industrial materials to non-perishable food items.
General Cargo warehouses are available in AC, Non-AC, and open yards.
Many general cargo warehouses in Dubai have modern facilities, advanced technology, and efficient storage systems to optimize inventory management and order fulfilment processes.
These warehouses come in various sizes, allowing businesses to choose the space that best suits their needs. 
You can avail storage spaces from 10 sqft up to 10,000 sqft on a weekly, monthly, or yearly contract. You can book a minimum of 3 pallets or 5 CBMs up to any size or quantity.
Different rates are applicable as per the warehouse size, location, and required time frame. 
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Free zone warehouse

Free zones are specific economic zones for carrying out trade, manufacturing, and other commercial activities.
A Free Zone warehouse, as the name suggests, is a warehouse located in the Free Zone. They offer many benefits and incentives to businesses, the significant ones being the various tax incentives and exemptions from import duty on the stored goods.
A free zone warehouse is suitable if your business deals with import/ export. It offers more flexibility in the operations of commodities without complex legal formalities.
These warehouses are perfect for General Cargo, Food Products, Dangerous Goods (DG) cargo, tyres, chemicals, or other unique products bound for other countries or planned to be exported.
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 Free Zone warehouses and storage are available in Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) and Sharjah International Airport Free Zone (SAIF Zone). You can select warehouses of various grades in one location or more than one too. They are available in multiple sizes, a minimum of 10 sqft up to 10,000 sqft.
Likewise, you can book a minimum of 5 pallets or 10 CBMs up to any size or quantity. 
Open Yard

Open yards are perfect for storing oversized goods outside. These outdoor storage areas provide businesses ample space to store large, oversized, or bulk items.
They are excellent solutions for temporary storage needs, particularly for businesses involved in project-based work or during peak seasons. Goods like construction materials, industrial equipment, and certain commodities are better suited for outdoor storage.
When selecting an open yard, choosing one that efficiently utilizes its space for handling heavy goods is important. Additionally, it's crucial to consider the location of the warehouse for easy transportation of goods in and out of the area.
There should be strict monitoring of vehicles moving in and out of the yard space at all times. It is also essential to confirm the safety protocols of these storage spaces.
You can have open yards, closed yards, open sheds, and container storage facilities in the Freezone and mainland areas. 
These warehouses are also available in JAFZA South or JAFZA North, DIP, DIC & AI Quoz.
Food Grade Warehouse 
Food-grade warehouses are specialized storage facilities to store different food products in a clean environment that adheres to all safety protocols laid down by the respective authorities. 
The warehouses provide a controlled environment for storing, handling and distributing food items. These warehouses are climate controlled to maintain the required temperature and humidity levels for different food products. 
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As these warehouses require higher maintenance levels, opting for a flexible storage facility is ideal if you are conscious of your capital investment.
If you are an SME or a start-up, you needn't worry about the size of the storage space. On-Demand warehouses are available starting from 10 sqft to 10,000 sqft. Expand your storage space as and when required, and then pay on the actuals.
Cold Storage
Cold storage warehouses in the UAE are specialized facilities equipped with refrigeration and temperature control systems to store perishable goods and products that require specific temperature conditions. 
Such storage facilities are essential for preserving the quality, safety, and shelf life of temperature-sensitive items, including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other perishable goods.
The warehouses should follow all the proper protocols, as any mismanagement of these warehouses can damage the entire stock and result in huge losses. 
The cold storage temperature ranges from -20 degrees to +18 degrees. Freezer chambers offer greater control over specified temperatures and humidity, which can be monitored and mapped hourly. 
The rates for these warehouses depend upon the chosen temperature, volume, and duration of storage. Most of these warehouses have experienced staff and equipment for handling the goods. They may also offer add-on services like cargo distribution, freezers, dry storage, and blast freezing.
Many warehouses in and around Dubai offer cold storage facilities. You can select one ideal for location, space, gradings, and budget. 
Medical Storage
Medical storage warehouses cater to the pharmaceutical industry, for storing medications, including controlled substances and high-value pharmaceuticals.
Warehouses storing medical device storage ensure they are kept in optimal conditions and ready for distribution when needed.
Medical storage warehouses require many protocols to ensure safety when handling medical commodities. They provide separate storage spaces for chemicals, radioactive materials, pharmaceutical drugs, expired or rejected medicines etc. 
Security is a significant factor in these warehouses to prevent unauthorized access and protect valuable medical products.
The temperature is usually between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, with less than 60% humidity. 
Special precautionary measures are also taken to dispose of medical wastes and work hazards.
Chemical/Dangerous Goods
These facilities adhere to strict safety regulations and guidelines to ensure the safe and secure storage of dangerous goods. All dangerous goods must be stored in a protected space following high-security measures and attended to by well-trained staff.
The chemical goods storage warehouses adhere to the Dubai Municipality Code of Practice for Management of Dangerous Goods. They are required to keep themselves updated on any rule changes by the UAE government.
The warehouses are temperature controlled as required for storing these goods. Again, there are safety and precautionary measures taken in case of accidental events. 
How to choose your warehouse
Different types of warehouses are available with unique benefits to cater to various industries and goods. Once you decide on the kind of warehouse you require, look for features to enhance your experience. A good warehouse will have multiple features, which include:
· Trained staff
· Organized picking and packing
· Emergency protocols
· Approved safety standards
· A good Warehouse Management System
· Optimal space utilization
· Good customer service
Your choice warehouse can optimize your supply chain, reduce transportation costs, and improve inventory management. It will give you a competitive edge in the market and increase profitability.
By selecting a warehouse that adheres to safety standards, regulatory compliance, and environmental practices, you safeguard your valuable assets, protect your workforce, and demonstrate your commitment to responsible business practices.
When selecting the warehouse, remember to leverage technology and seek partnerships with reputable warehouse providers that align with your business values. Continuously evaluate your warehousing needs and be open to adapting your strategy as your business evolves and grows.
Take the time to make a well-informed choice, and let the right warehouse become the cornerstone of your business's prosperous future.
Are you looking for a warehouse in Dubai? Cargoz can find you storage spaces on a weekly, monthly or yearly contract. You can find a warehouse anywhere in the UAE with different kinds of features and, at the same time, budget-friendly for your business.
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