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Generate revenue from unused capacity

Running a storage business isn’t easy. It gets even more tough when you try to work things out as an independent warehouse owner or operator. And here is where we come in.

Cargoz will fill up your warehouse or even just the unused extra space, so that you can generate revenue from it. And how do we go about it? We give you the much-deserved visibility among our vast pool of SME customers, so they can find the right storage options for their business.

Partnering with Cargoz gives you,

  • Better visibility among potential customers looking for storage
  • Zero expense on marketing and sales for your warehouse
  • Timely payments from our customers

And that’s just the start!

Manage your warehouse professionally with our WMS

You could be a warehouse operator, 3PL company or anyone with an under-utilized warehouse. We will help you fill-up the extra space. You also get access to our warehouse management software (WMS) to manage your warehouse. Our WMS solutions take care of various warehouse operations like storage, retrieval, order fulfillment, and stock management. Our CRM is simple, user friendly and can be configured to suit your requirements. We also offer hotline support around the clock.

Cargoz Partner

Optimize your warehouse capacity

Warehouse space is in huge demand. Customers are looking for warehouse/storage space for their business. As a warehouse owner or operator, you may want to fill your entire warehouse, Or you may have a part of your warehouse that is unused. Why leave it like that, when you can get additional revenue from that unused space?

Get in touch with us. Be a part of our growing network and get better visibility among clients. We can help you gain better profits by using your warehouse optimally.

Sell more than you have

If your customer is looking for a type of warehouse you don't have, there is no need to turn them away. Join our Affiliate Program so Cargoz can assist you in finding a suitable storage option from our vast and growing network.

If your customer chooses from any of the warehouses we recommend, we offer you an incentive. And Cargoz will continue to pay you for the entire time we offer service to the customer.

So why wait? Don't miss out on that extra revenue! Be a part of our trusted partner network. Grow your business with Cargoz.