Cascade Tendering

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Loads are electronically submitted to the carrier who submitted the lowest rate on that shipping lane (origin zip code to destination zip code).

What is Cascade Tendering?

Cascade tendering is a logistics concept that involves the electronic submission of loads to carriers based on the lowest rate offered for a specific shipping lane. In simpler terms, it is a process where the carrier with the lowest rate for a particular route is selected to transport the goods.

In the world of logistics, shipping lanes refer to the routes between two specific locations, usually defined by the origin and destination zip codes. When a company needs to transport goods from one place to another, they often receive multiple bids from different carriers. These carriers provide their rates for the specific shipping lane, and the company can choose the carrier that offers the most competitive price.

Cascade tendering takes this process a step further by automating the selection of carriers based on the lowest rate. Instead of manually reviewing and comparing bids, the company uses an electronic system to analyze the rates submitted by carriers for each shipping lane. The system then automatically assigns the load to the carrier with the lowest rate.

This automated process offers several benefits. Firstly, it saves time and effort for the company as they no longer need to manually review and negotiate rates with carriers. The system handles the selection process, ensuring that the company gets the best possible rate for each shipment. Additionally, cascade tendering promotes transparency and fairness in carrier selection, as the decision is solely based on the rates provided.

However, it is important to note that cascade tendering is not solely focused on cost. While the lowest rate is a significant factor, other considerations such as carrier reliability, service quality, and capacity availability should also be taken into account. Companies should strike a balance between cost and service to ensure that their goods are transported efficiently and reliably.

In conclusion, cascade tendering is a logistics concept that streamlines the carrier selection process by electronically assigning loads to carriers based on the lowest rate for a specific shipping lane. This automated approach saves time, promotes transparency, and helps companies secure the best possible rates for their shipments. By understanding and implementing cascade tendering, beginners in logistics can optimize their transportation operations and enhance their overall supply chain efficiency.

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