Fast and Secure Trade (FAST)

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U.S. Customs program that allows importers at the U.S./Canada border to obtain expedited release for qualifying commercial shipments.

What is Fast and Secure Trade (FAST)?

Fast and Secure Trade (FAST)

Fast and Secure Trade (FAST) is a program implemented by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that aims to facilitate and expedite the movement of commercial shipments across the U.S./Canada border. This program is specifically designed to benefit importers by providing them with a streamlined process for obtaining expedited release for qualifying shipments.

The primary objective of the FAST program is to enhance trade efficiency while maintaining a high level of security. By participating in FAST, importers can enjoy reduced wait times at the border, allowing for faster movement of goods and improved supply chain management. This is particularly advantageous for businesses that rely on just-in-time inventory systems or time-sensitive shipments.

To qualify for FAST, importers must meet certain eligibility criteria and adhere to specific requirements. These criteria typically include having a good compliance history with CBP, maintaining a high level of security in their supply chain, and demonstrating a commitment to trade compliance. Importers must also undergo a thorough application process and provide the necessary documentation to prove their eligibility.

Once approved, FAST participants are granted access to dedicated lanes at designated border crossings, which are exclusively reserved for expedited processing. These dedicated lanes are equipped with advanced technology and infrastructure to facilitate a faster and more efficient inspection process. Additionally, FAST participants benefit from reduced documentation requirements and a simplified customs clearance process.

The FAST program incorporates various security measures to ensure the integrity of the supply chain. Importers are required to implement and maintain robust security protocols, such as conducting risk assessments, implementing physical security measures, and utilizing tamper-evident seals on shipments. CBP also conducts periodic audits and assessments to ensure compliance with security standards.

By participating in FAST, importers can experience numerous advantages. The expedited release of shipments allows for reduced transit times, minimizing the risk of delays and disruptions in the supply chain. This, in turn, leads to improved customer satisfaction and increased competitiveness in the market. Moreover, the enhanced security measures implemented through the FAST program provide importers with peace of mind, knowing that their shipments are protected against potential threats.

In conclusion, Fast and Secure Trade (FAST) is a U.S. Customs program that offers importers expedited release for qualifying commercial shipments at the U.S./Canada border. By participating in FAST, importers can benefit from reduced wait times, streamlined customs clearance processes, and enhanced security measures. This program plays a crucial role in facilitating fast and secure trade, ultimately contributing to the efficiency and competitiveness of businesses involved in cross-border trade.

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