Inter-Service Support Agreement (ISSA)

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An agreement between two DoD entities, by which one or both agree to provide assistance to the other, is called an ISSA. Funds transferred in connection with an ISSA are normally transferred by a 'MIPR' (Military Inter-Departmental Procurement Request).

What is Inter-Service Support Agreement (ISSA)?

An Inter-Service Support Agreement (ISSA) is a crucial concept in the field of logistics, particularly within the context of the Department of Defense (DoD). This agreement serves as a means for two DoD entities to collaborate and provide assistance to each other when needed.

The primary purpose of an ISSA is to establish a framework for cooperation and support between two entities within the DoD. This agreement outlines the specific terms and conditions under which one or both entities agree to provide assistance to the other. By formalizing this arrangement, the DoD ensures efficient and effective utilization of resources, promoting a more streamlined and coordinated approach to logistics operations.

One key aspect of an ISSA is the transfer of funds between the involved entities. These funds are typically transferred through a mechanism known as a 'MIPR' (Military Inter-Departmental Procurement Request). The MIPR serves as a formal request for the transfer of funds from one DoD entity to another, specifically for the purpose of supporting the agreed-upon assistance outlined in the ISSA. This financial aspect of the agreement ensures that the necessary resources are allocated appropriately and in a timely manner.

The ISSA plays a vital role in enhancing the overall readiness and effectiveness of the DoD. By fostering collaboration and support between different entities, it enables the sharing of expertise, resources, and capabilities. This can range from providing specialized equipment, personnel, or even logistical support in the form of transportation, maintenance, or supply chain management.

Furthermore, an ISSA promotes cost-effectiveness by leveraging existing capabilities within the DoD. Instead of duplicating efforts or investing in redundant resources, entities can rely on each other's strengths and expertise. This not only optimizes resource allocation but also enhances overall operational efficiency.

In summary, an Inter-Service Support Agreement (ISSA) is a formal agreement between two DoD entities that establishes a framework for cooperation and support. Through this agreement, entities agree to provide assistance to each other, with funds transferred via a MIPR. By fostering collaboration and resource sharing, an ISSA enhances the readiness and effectiveness of the DoD while promoting cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

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