Flours Storage

Store your flours in food-grade storage

Cargoz provides various types and grades of food-grade warehouses approved by the municipality for flour storage.


You can store flours like maida, rice, sugar, milk products, and other flours in AI Qouz, Ras AI Khor, Al Aveer, DIP, and DIC warehouses/storage facilities. Click here to view the complete list of locations.


We provide storage areas from 50 SQFT to 10,000 SQFT on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Or you can store a minimum of 3 pallets or 5 CBM up to any size or quantity.


Prices vary depending on the size, the warehouse, the location and the required time frame. You can decide on one particular location or even many locations, and pay as per your usage. Get in touch with us to help you connect with a warehouse that fits your bill.
Store your flours in food-grade storage

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