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A laser identifies the bin for the next item in the rack. When the picker completes the pick, the barcode is scanned, and the system then points the laser at the next bin.

What is Pick-by-Light?


Pick-by-Light is a highly efficient and accurate order picking method used in warehouses and distribution centers. It utilizes a system of lasers and barcodes to guide pickers in selecting the correct items from storage racks.

In a Pick-by-Light system, each storage bin is equipped with a laser light module that illuminates when a specific item needs to be picked. The laser light is directed towards the bin containing the required item, making it easy for the picker to locate it quickly and accurately. This visual guidance eliminates the need for pickers to rely solely on paper-based instructions or memorization, reducing the chances of errors and improving overall productivity.

The process begins when an order is received and the system determines the location of the items to be picked. The laser identifies the bin for the next item in the rack, guiding the picker to the correct location. Once the picker reaches the designated bin, they complete the pick by scanning the item's barcode. This barcode scanning confirms that the correct item has been picked and updates the inventory system accordingly.

After the pick is completed, the system automatically redirects the laser to the next bin containing an item for the same order. This seamless transition from one pick to the next ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Pick-by-Light systems offer several advantages over traditional picking methods. Firstly, they significantly reduce picking errors, as the visual guidance provided by the lasers eliminates confusion and improves accuracy. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with a large number of SKUs or complex order requirements.

Secondly, Pick-by-Light systems enhance picking speed and efficiency. The clear visual cues provided by the lasers enable pickers to locate items quickly, reducing the time spent searching for the correct bin. This increased speed translates into higher order fulfillment rates and improved customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Pick-by-Light systems are highly flexible and adaptable. They can be easily integrated with other warehouse technologies, such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), to create a seamless and optimized order fulfillment process.

In conclusion, Pick-by-Light is a sophisticated order picking method that utilizes lasers and barcodes to guide pickers in selecting the correct items from storage racks. By providing visual cues and automating the picking process, Pick-by-Light systems improve accuracy, speed, and overall efficiency in warehouse operations.

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