Picking by Aisle

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A method by which pickers pick all needed items in an aisle, regardless of the items' ultimate destination. The items must be sorted later. This is a component of Wave Picking.

What is Picking by Aisle?

Picking by Aisle

Picking by aisle is a fundamental method used in the field of logistics to efficiently gather all the required items within a specific aisle, regardless of their final destination. This approach is commonly employed in warehouses and distribution centers to streamline the picking process and enhance overall productivity.

The concept behind picking by aisle is relatively straightforward. Instead of picking items based on their ultimate destination, pickers focus on collecting all the items within a designated aisle. This means that pickers will traverse the aisle, systematically gathering all the required items, regardless of where they need to be delivered or stored. Once all the items in the aisle have been collected, they are then sorted and organized based on their respective destinations.

Picking by aisle is often utilized as a component of a more comprehensive picking strategy known as wave picking. Wave picking involves dividing the picking process into distinct waves or groups, each with a specific focus. By employing picking by aisle as part of wave picking, the overall efficiency and accuracy of the picking process can be significantly improved.

One of the primary advantages of picking by aisle is its ability to minimize travel time and optimize the movement of pickers within the warehouse or distribution center. By concentrating on a single aisle at a time, pickers can avoid unnecessary backtracking and reduce the distance traveled between picking locations. This not only saves time but also reduces the physical strain on pickers, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Furthermore, picking by aisle allows for better organization and sorting of items. Since all the items within an aisle are collected together, it becomes easier to sort and categorize them based on their final destinations. This sorting process can be done in a separate area, ensuring that the items are correctly allocated to their respective orders or storage locations. By separating the picking and sorting tasks, the overall picking process becomes more efficient and less prone to errors.

However, it is important to note that picking by aisle may not be suitable for all types of warehouses or distribution centers. It is most effective in facilities where items are stored in a logical and organized manner, such as those utilizing a bin location system. Additionally, the size and layout of the facility should be taken into consideration to ensure that the picking by aisle method can be implemented effectively.

In conclusion, picking by aisle is a valuable technique in the field of logistics that optimizes the picking process by focusing on gathering all required items within a specific aisle, regardless of their final destination. By incorporating this method as part of wave picking, warehouses and distribution centers can enhance efficiency, reduce travel time, and improve overall productivity.

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