Picking by Source

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A method in which pickers successively pick all items going to a particular destination, regardless of the aisle in which each item is located.

What is Picking by Source?

Picking by Source

Picking is a crucial process in the field of logistics, where items are selected and gathered for shipment to their intended destinations. One common method used in picking is known as "Picking by Source." This method involves pickers systematically selecting all items that are destined for a specific location, regardless of their location within the warehouse or distribution center.

In traditional picking methods, pickers are assigned to specific aisles or zones within the facility. They are responsible for picking all the items within their designated area. However, in the case of picking by source, pickers are not confined to a specific aisle or zone. Instead, they focus on picking all the items that are intended for a particular destination, regardless of where these items are located within the facility.

The process of picking by source begins with the identification of the destination or order that needs to be fulfilled. Once the destination is determined, pickers gather all the items associated with that destination, regardless of their physical location. This means that pickers may need to traverse different aisles or zones within the facility to collect all the required items.

Picking by source offers several advantages in terms of efficiency and productivity. By allowing pickers to gather items from various locations, it eliminates the need for multiple pickers to cover different areas of the facility. This reduces the time and effort required for picking, resulting in faster order fulfillment.

Furthermore, picking by source optimizes the use of available resources. Instead of having pickers waiting for items to be replenished in their designated areas, they can move on to the next location and continue picking. This minimizes idle time and maximizes the utilization of pickers, leading to increased productivity.

However, it is important to note that picking by source may require additional planning and coordination. Since pickers are not confined to specific areas, it is crucial to have accurate inventory management systems in place. This ensures that the location of each item is known and can be easily tracked to avoid delays or errors in the picking process.

In conclusion, picking by source is a method used in logistics where pickers gather all items destined for a specific location, regardless of their physical location within the facility. This approach improves efficiency, reduces idle time, and optimizes resource utilization. However, it requires effective inventory management systems to ensure accurate tracking and coordination. By implementing picking by source, logistics operations can enhance their overall productivity and streamline the order fulfillment process.

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