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Webcasting (push technology) is the prearranged updating of news, weather, or other selected information on a computer user's desktop interface through periodic and generally unobtrusive transmission over the World Wide Web (including the use of the Web protocol on an intranet). Webcasting uses so-called push technology, in which the web server ostensibly 'pushes' information to the user rather than waiting until the user specifically requests it.

What is Push Technology?

Push technology, also known as webcasting, is a method of delivering information to computer users in a prearranged and periodic manner. It involves the transmission of selected information, such as news, weather updates, or other relevant content, directly to the user's desktop interface over the World Wide Web.

Unlike traditional methods where users actively seek out information by requesting it from a web server, push technology takes a proactive approach. In this approach, the web server initiates the transmission of information to the user without waiting for a specific request. It essentially "pushes" the information to the user's device, ensuring that the user stays updated without having to actively search for updates.

The concept of push technology has gained popularity due to its convenience and efficiency. By delivering information directly to the user's desktop interface, push technology eliminates the need for users to constantly check for updates manually. Instead, users can rely on the web server to automatically provide them with the latest information.

Push technology is commonly used in various applications, including news websites, weather services, and intranets. For instance, a news website may use push technology to deliver breaking news alerts to its subscribers. Similarly, a weather service can push weather updates to users' devices, keeping them informed about changing conditions.

One of the key advantages of push technology is its unobtrusive nature. The transmission of information is generally done in a non-disruptive manner, ensuring that users can continue their tasks without being interrupted. This makes push technology an ideal choice for delivering time-sensitive information without causing significant disruptions to the user's workflow.

In conclusion, push technology, or webcasting, is a method of delivering selected information to computer users in a proactive and periodic manner. By utilizing push technology, web servers can push updates directly to users' desktop interfaces, eliminating the need for users to actively seek out information. This approach offers convenience, efficiency, and non-disruptive delivery of time-sensitive information, making it a valuable tool in various applications.

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