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A method that uses lights to direct the placement of materials, most often used in batch picking to designate the tote to place the picked item into.

What is Put-to-Light?


Put-to-Light is a method commonly used in logistics to efficiently direct the placement of materials. This technique utilizes lights to guide the placement of items, particularly in batch picking scenarios where multiple items are picked at once.

The primary purpose of Put-to-Light is to designate the appropriate tote or container where the picked item should be placed. By using a system of lights, workers can easily identify the correct location for each item, ensuring accurate and efficient sorting.

The process of Put-to-Light begins with the creation of a picking list, which outlines the items to be picked and their respective quantities. Once the picking list is generated, workers proceed to the designated picking area where the items are stored.

In the picking area, each storage location is equipped with a light module. These light modules are connected to a central control system, which communicates with the warehouse management system or order management system. When a worker scans the barcode or RFID tag of an item to be picked, the control system activates the corresponding light module.

The activated light module illuminates, indicating the specific tote or container where the item should be placed. The worker then locates the designated tote and places the item inside. Once the item is correctly placed, the worker confirms the action, and the light module turns off, ready for the next item.

Put-to-Light offers several advantages in the logistics process. Firstly, it minimizes the potential for errors by providing clear visual cues to workers, reducing the likelihood of misplacement. This improves order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Secondly, Put-to-Light enhances productivity and efficiency. The use of lights eliminates the need for workers to consult paper-based picking lists or rely solely on memory, allowing them to quickly and accurately identify the correct placement location. This streamlines the picking process, saving time and increasing throughput.

Furthermore, Put-to-Light is a flexible solution that can be easily adapted to changing warehouse layouts or product assortments. The light modules can be reconfigured or relocated as needed, ensuring optimal efficiency and adaptability.

In conclusion, Put-to-Light is a valuable method in logistics that utilizes lights to direct the placement of materials. By providing clear visual cues, this technique enhances accuracy, productivity, and flexibility in the picking process. Whether in batch picking or other scenarios, Put-to-Light is a reliable tool that contributes to the overall efficiency of warehouse operations.

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