Supply Chain Council

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A non-profit organization dedicated to improving the supply chain efficiency of its members, the Supply-Chain Council's membership consists primarily of practitioners representing a broad cross-section of industries, including manufacturers, services, distributors, and retailers. It is the organization responsible for the SCOR standards.

What is Supply Chain Council?

The Supply Chain Council (SCC) is a non-profit organization that plays a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of supply chains for its members. Comprised of practitioners from various industries such as manufacturing, services, distribution, and retail, the SCC is dedicated to improving the overall performance of supply chains worldwide.

One of the key contributions of the SCC is the development and maintenance of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model. The SCOR model is a globally recognized framework that provides a common language and set of metrics for evaluating and managing supply chain processes. It enables organizations to benchmark their performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement best practices.

The SCC's membership is diverse, representing a broad cross-section of industries. This diversity allows for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge among professionals from different sectors. By bringing together practitioners from various backgrounds, the SCC fosters collaboration and innovation, leading to the development of new strategies and solutions to supply chain challenges.

As a non-profit organization, the SCC is driven by its mission to advance supply chain management practices. It provides a platform for its members to network, share insights, and learn from each other's experiences. Through conferences, workshops, and other educational events, the SCC facilitates continuous learning and professional development in the field of logistics.

Furthermore, the SCC actively engages with industry leaders, policymakers, and academia to promote the importance of supply chain management and advocate for its integration into business strategies. By raising awareness and influencing decision-makers, the SCC contributes to the recognition of supply chain management as a critical component of organizational success.

In conclusion, the Supply Chain Council is a vital organization dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chains. Through its membership, development of the SCOR model, and collaborative initiatives, the SCC plays a significant role in advancing supply chain management practices globally. By promoting knowledge sharing, fostering innovation, and advocating for the importance of supply chain management, the SCC contributes to the growth and success of organizations across industries.

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