How to find the right warehouse in Dubai?
Six criteria you ought to consider to make the perfect choice for a warehouse for rent in Dubai.

The geographical location of Dubai is such that it makes it one of most favoured global business hubs. The demand for warehouses is high in this region, and so is the availability. As an SME or someone new who has started out in the market, you would prefer to lease a warehouse that meets all of your requirements while staying within budget. However, there are many other aspects too that have to be taken care of when renting a space in Dubai.

Here are six things that you need to know to find the right warehouse for rent in Dubai. 


A valid trade license issued by the Dubai Economic department is one of the foremost requirements before you set out looking for storage space for rent. If you are planning to look for commercial spaces in the free zones, then there would also be other official bodies and further rules to get permission. 


It is ideal to have your storage space located strategically, so that it is easily accessible for storage as well as distribution.

It is very convenient to have warehouses that are connected to the highway for ease of commute. Having access to groceries and supplies, food outlets, and filling stations close by is an added advantage as warehouse employees will not have to travel far for basic necessities.

Renting a storage space in the free zone has its set of benefits including 100%foreign ownership, significant tax exemptions among others. But it has its setbacks too. 

Operational Expenses

Knowing your space requirement can help you decide on the warehouse size and subsequently your cost.  If vertical storage is a possibility, then even the height of the warehouse counts.  It is important that you check your calculation of space to tally with the warehouse owner’s assumption of space, and they are not charging for space which you may have not considered. You can know more on the different types of warehouses available here.<link to blog 1>

You may have to check if you will have to install your own HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system, or if the warehouse has a fully functional one. 

You also need to be aware of any hidden costs like insurance, basic maintenance etc., that could be fine printed in the contract. 

Scope for growth

If you have calculated your business to go on an upward growth trend in the coming months, your warehouse should be able to meet up to the expectations. Check for flexibility of space, if there is scope for expansion or warehouse space as your business expands.

Parking Availability

Availability of space to park your vehicles, and also private vehicles of the warehouse employees is also a major factor to consider when looking for a warehouse space for rent in Dubai. This is considering that the most important activity of loading and unloading would require vehicles to be parked for quite some time. 


It is smarter to opt for a warehouse that has proper boundaries, CCTV cameras and security guards to ensure the safety of your goods.

Once you have scrolled through all of these criteria, you can finalize on a warehouse that best suits your requirements and most importantly stays within your budget. It is important to ask everything to the warehouse owner, from the basic details of lease to even possibility of rental hike during your lease period before signing the deal. 

There are real estate agents and brokers who can help you with the cost of warehouse space, security deposits, hidden charges if any, etc. Once you have finalized your warehouse, the next step would be registration with Ejari, a mandate for all rental contracts. It is essential that you have all valid documents supporting your business to be eligible for warehouse rental space so you are legally in the clear.

Dubai has warehouse spaces for rent in Jebel Ali, Al Quoz, Ras Al Khor, Umm Ramool, Dubai Investment Park as well as Al Qusais. 

If you are looking for a storage space for your business, without a host of legal formalities for renting space, then Cargoz is your answer. Unlike the traditional leasing, we offer flexible options for all your storage needs, making the process of availing storage space much simpler.

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