Warehouses in Dubai-Know the type
Learn about the different types of warehouses in Dubai.

Dubai has the advantage of its location, international infrastructure, and trader-friendly policies, making it an ideal place for logistics. The region has different types of warehouses available for various storage purposes. Understanding the purpose of these warehouses gives you the advantage of knowing what to expect from a particular kind of storage space, and you can choose the right one. 


Ignoring temperature and humidity control in storage space can impact the quality of goods stored at warehouses. Certain goods, like food, medicines, furniture, electronics, etc., require a proper storage environment for longevity, especially in a hot region like the UAE. 

In an A/C warehouse, goods are stored in an air-conditioned facility that is maintained at a control between 22–27 degrees Celsius to retain a longer shelf life.

The A/C Warehouses are available in sizes ranging from 50 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft. You can also rent a minimum of 3 pallets or 5 CBMs up to any size or quantity. 

Prices of warehouse rental vary depending on how long your requirement, size, and your preferred location. If you opt for partner warehousing through Cargoz, you get multiple options for warehouses for rent in Dubai. They are available in different sizes and within your required time frame. You can check out the complete list of locations here. 


A food-grade warehouse is a specialized storage facility that is FDA approved for storing different food products. The environment is climate controlled with real-time temperature and humidity tracking. There are rigorous annual inspections for compliance with various safety protocols as laid down by the municipality.  

Most of these warehouses have experienced staff and equipment for handling the goods and efficient storage and retrieval systems.

Suppose you are looking for storage facilities for cold or frozen products. The cold storage warehouses have temperatures from -20 degrees to +18 degrees. There are freezer chambers that can be monitored and mapped hourly, giving better control over specified temperatures and humidity.

The rates for these warehouses depend upon the chosen temperature, volume, and duration of storage. Select any add-on services like cargo distribution, dry storage, or freezer. You will have to pay additional charges.

The warehouses are available in various grades in both the free zone and mainland in the UAE. Partnering with Cargoz for your warehousing requirements gives you the flexibility to rent your space requirement from the best internationally compliant warehouses available in Dubai. You can rent for only the required time frame and pay for the actuals.


General cargo is the goods that can be transported in defined load units like drums, boxes, or pallets. It includes all goods, excluding liquid freight or bulk load. The mainland and the Free Zones have warehouses for general cargo storage. 

This storage is available in a temperature-controlled environment. Open yards also serve as storage space for General Cargo.

Most storage areas usually have racked storage space for conveniently storing your goods. You can rent storage areas of various sizes from 50 sq ft up to 10,000 sq. ft.

 If you choose Cargoz partner warehousing, you can avail of storage spaces on a weekly, monthly, or annual contract instead of a yearly contract. You can book a minimum of 3 pallets or 5 CBMs up to any size or quantity.

The warehouse rent depends on your space requirement, location, and requirement period. 


These storage warehouses are usually temperature controlled between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, with less than 60% humidity. When storing chemical or medical goods, the warehouses must adhere to many protocols to ensure the commodities' safety. These warehouses must conform to the Dubai Municipality Code of Practice for Management of Dangerous Goods. They are also required to keep themselves updated on any rule changes by the UAE government.

Warehouses for medical storage provide separate storage spaces for chemicals, Radioactive materials, Narcotic drugs, etc.

Additional precautionary measures are also taken to dispose of hazardous medical wastes like Expired or rejected medicines etc. 


When you select an open yard, it is essential to confirm the safety protocols of these storage spaces as you would be storing your goods outside. 

You can have open yards, closed yards, open sheds, and container storage facilities in the Freezone and mainland areas.

These warehouses are available in JAFZA South or JAFZA North, DIP, DIC & AI Quoz.


You can have a free zone warehouse for General Cargo, Food Products, medicines, Dangerous Goods (DG) cargo, etc.

The main advantage of a free zone warehouse is its tax benefits. 

Free Zone warehouses and storage are available in Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), Al Hamriyah Free zone, and Sharjah International Airport Free Zone (SAIF Zone).

Prices depend upon the chosen warehouse's size, location, and requirement period. Cargoz gives you the benefit of having flexible, budget-friendly storage options.

Cargoz is different from the traditional leasing of storage space. You needn't worry about renting for a minimum fixed period or a designated storage space that may be more than you require. Cargoz lets you pay for only what you use, be it size or time - a weekly, monthly, or yearly contract. Expand your storage space only when you need to. Cargoz gives you access to the best storage locations available in Dubai. Check out this blog to help you find the best storage locations   in Dubai.

Know about the Different storage Spaces available in Dubai
Understand your options to choose the most suitable one for your business.