Looking for a warehouse in the UAE Free zone?
Here is everything that you need to know when choosing one.
The exponential growth of the eCommerce industry has been a key factor in driving the
development of the warehousing industry in the emirates. Small-scale distributors, logistics
service providers, and other traders can boost their business growth by taking advantage of
the storage facilities available in the free zones in the UAE. The state-of-the-art warehouses
of the free zones help optimize your storage space. It streamlines your business operations
to ensure timely delivery of the goods to your end customers.

The UAE offers investors more than 40 multidisciplinary free zones, the greatest advantage
being complete ownership of the companies and zero taxation to expatriates and foreign

If you own a business in the free zone, you will need a warehouse in the free zone for the

smooth conduct of your business operations. But you can also look at storage as a service
for more flexible options wherein you do not have to rent a warehouse for a minimum fixed

The warehousing facilities in the free zones in the UAE come equipped with a well-designed
infrastructure to help trading companies store their inventory and enable their import and
export for distribution in the UAE and the other GCC member countries. The extensive
availability of such warehouses in the free zones makes them the most sought-after
locations among traders and export houses.

Freezone includes warehouses of different types.

Food and cold storage warehouses can store perishables like fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.
There are A/C warehouses for climate-controlled storage facilities. There are also special
for storing chemical and dangerous goods. 

You have plenty of choices when availing warehouse space in any free zone in the UAE.
Jabel Ali Freezone is one of the UAEs oldest and most ideal free zones for import and
export. The strategic location of the Jabel Ali port is also an added advantage. On the other
hand, Ajman media city and International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) in Dubai are among the cheapest. 

Some of the deciding factors that help in choosing a warehouse in the Freezone include: 

● Rentals and cost of labor  
● Flexibility of operations 
● Ease of transport
● markets, utility costs 

The key is to select the right kind of warehouse that suits your line of business that stays
within your budget. If you are looking for flexible storage options in the Free Zone, Cargoz
can help you. We provide storage as a service in your preferred location. And the best part?
You pay for only what you use, be it the amount of space or duration- a weekly, monthly, or yearly contract!

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