Cantilever Rack

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Racking systems support columns at the rear and arms, which attach to the support columns to hold shelving or stock. Cantilever racks allow for storage of very long items.

What is Cantilever Rack?

Cantilever Rack

A cantilever rack is a type of racking system commonly used in warehouses and storage facilities to store long and bulky items. It is designed to provide efficient and organized storage for items that are too long to fit on traditional shelving units.

The main components of a cantilever rack are the support columns and the arms. The support columns are vertical structures that are securely anchored to the floor or wall. These columns provide the necessary stability and strength to hold the weight of the stored items. The arms, which are attached to the support columns, extend horizontally and act as the shelves or platforms for the items.

One of the key advantages of cantilever racks is their ability to store very long items. Unlike traditional shelving units with fixed shelf heights, cantilever racks have adjustable arms that can be positioned at different heights to accommodate items of varying lengths. This flexibility allows for efficient use of vertical space and maximizes storage capacity.

Cantilever racks are commonly used for storing items such as lumber, pipes, steel bars, and other long and heavy materials. These racks are particularly useful in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and retail, where long items need to be stored and accessed easily.

The design of cantilever racks also allows for easy loading and unloading of items. Since there are no front columns obstructing access to the stored items, forklifts or other material handling equipment can easily maneuver and retrieve items from the rack. This enhances productivity and reduces the risk of damage to the stored items.

In addition to their storage capabilities, cantilever racks also contribute to a safer working environment. By keeping long and heavy items off the floor, they minimize the risk of accidents and injuries caused by tripping or falling objects. Furthermore, the sturdy construction of cantilever racks ensures the stability and integrity of the stored items, reducing the chances of damage or product loss.

In conclusion, cantilever racks are an essential component of efficient and organized storage systems. Their ability to store long items, flexibility in adjusting shelf heights, and ease of loading and unloading make them a valuable asset in various industries. Whether it is lumber, pipes, or steel bars, cantilever racks provide a safe and efficient solution for storing and accessing long and bulky items.

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