Ex Works (EXW)

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An international trade term (Incoterms, International Chamber of Commerce) requires the seller to deliver goods at their own place of business, with all other transportation costs and risks assumed by the buyer.

What is Ex Works (EXW)?

Ex Works (EXW)

Ex Works, also known as EXW, is an international trade term that is part of the Incoterms (International Chamber of Commerce). It is essential to understand this concept as it defines the responsibilities and obligations of the buyer and seller in a transaction.

In simple terms, EXW means that the seller is responsible for making the goods available at their own place of business. This could be a factory, warehouse, or any other location specified by the seller. The seller's responsibility ends once the goods are made available, and from that point onwards, all transportation costs and risks are assumed by the buyer.

The key feature of EXW is that it places the maximum responsibility on the buyer. This means that the buyer is responsible for arranging and paying for transportation, insurance, and any other costs associated with getting the goods from the seller's location to the desired destination. Additionally, the buyer also bears the risk of loss or damage to the goods during transit.

EXW is often used when the buyer has a good understanding of logistics and has the necessary resources and expertise to handle the transportation and associated tasks. It is commonly used in domestic transactions or when the buyer wants to have complete control over the logistics process.

It is important to note that EXW does not require the seller to assist with loading the goods onto the buyer's transportation vehicle. However, the seller must provide the necessary documentation and information to enable the buyer to take possession of the goods.

In summary, EXW is a trade term that places the responsibility for transportation costs and risks on the buyer. It is crucial for beginners in logistics to understand this concept as it sets the foundation for comprehending other trade terms and their implications in international trade.

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