Hoshin Planning

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Also, 'Hoshin Kanri' is a step-by-step strategic planning process that assesses breakthrough strategic objectives against daily management tasks and activities. It provides a visual map at all levels of the organization and provides clear strategic direction. A company develops up to four vision statements that indicate where the company should be in the next five years. Company goals and work plans are developed based on the vision statements. Periodic audits are then conducted to monitor progress.

What is Hoshin Planning?

Hoshin Planning, also known as Hoshin Kanri, is a strategic planning process that aims to align an organization's daily management tasks and activities with its breakthrough strategic objectives. It provides a visual map that guides all levels of the organization and offers clear strategic direction.

The process begins with the development of up to four vision statements that outline where the company aims to be in the next five years. These vision statements serve as a compass, guiding the organization towards its desired future state. They provide a sense of purpose and direction, ensuring that everyone in the organization is working towards a common goal.

Once the vision statements are established, the next step is to develop company goals and work plans based on these statements. These goals and plans outline the specific actions and initiatives that need to be undertaken to achieve the desired future state. They break down the strategic objectives into manageable tasks and activities that can be executed by different teams and departments within the organization.

One of the key features of Hoshin Planning is the periodic audits that are conducted to monitor progress. These audits assess the organization's performance against the established goals and work plans. They provide valuable feedback on the effectiveness of the strategies and initiatives being implemented and help identify any gaps or areas for improvement.

Hoshin Planning is a comprehensive and systematic approach to strategic planning that ensures alignment between the organization's long-term vision and its day-to-day operations. By integrating breakthrough strategic objectives with daily management tasks, it helps create a cohesive and focused organizational culture. It enables employees at all levels to understand their roles and responsibilities in achieving the company's vision and empowers them to contribute towards its realization.

In conclusion, Hoshin Planning is a powerful tool for organizations seeking to bridge the gap between strategic objectives and daily operations. By providing a visual map and clear strategic direction, it helps align the efforts of all employees towards a common goal. Through the development of vision statements, goals, and work plans, and the use of periodic audits, Hoshin Planning ensures that the organization stays on track and continuously improves its performance.

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