Product Support Integrator (PSI)

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An entity performing as a formally bound agent (e.g., contract, MOA, MOU) is charged with integrating all sources of support, both public and private, defined within the scope of the PBL agreements to achieve the documented outcome.

What is Product Support Integrator (PSI)?

The Product Support Integrator (PSI) plays a crucial role in the field of logistics by ensuring the seamless integration of all support sources for a particular product or system. In simple terms, the PSI acts as a formally bound agent, typically through a contract or agreement, responsible for bringing together various public and private support entities to achieve a specific outcome.

The primary objective of the PSI is to coordinate and manage all aspects of product support, ensuring that the necessary resources and services are available to meet the requirements of the product or system throughout its lifecycle. This includes everything from maintenance and repairs to supply chain management and technical support.

One of the key responsibilities of the PSI is to integrate all sources of support. This means bringing together different entities, such as government agencies, contractors, and suppliers, to work collaboratively towards a common goal. By doing so, the PSI ensures that all support activities are aligned and coordinated, minimizing duplication of efforts and maximizing efficiency.

The scope of the PSI's work is defined within the context of Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) agreements. PBL is an approach that focuses on achieving desired outcomes rather than simply providing specific support services. The PSI, therefore, acts as the central point of contact for all stakeholders involved in the support of a product or system, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same objectives.

To achieve the documented outcome, the PSI must possess a deep understanding of the product or system being supported, as well as the various support elements required. This includes knowledge of maintenance procedures, supply chain logistics, technical specifications, and any other relevant factors. By having this comprehensive understanding, the PSI can effectively coordinate and manage the support activities to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

In conclusion, the Product Support Integrator (PSI) is a critical role in logistics, responsible for integrating all sources of support for a product or system. By acting as a formally bound agent and coordinating the efforts of various public and private entities, the PSI ensures that the necessary resources and services are available to meet the requirements of the product or system throughout its lifecycle. Through their expertise and coordination, the PSI plays a vital role in achieving the desired outcome of the support agreements.

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