Split Case Order Picking

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A process used to fulfill orders for quantities less than a full case, thereby requiring the ordered items to be picked from a case or some similar container.

What is Split Case Order Picking?

Split Case Order Picking

Split case order picking is a crucial process in the world of logistics that is used to fulfill orders for quantities less than a full case. In simpler terms, when a customer places an order for a smaller quantity of items, the split case order picking method comes into play.

Imagine a scenario where a customer wants to purchase three items from an online retailer. These items are typically stored in larger cases or containers, which are not suitable for shipping individual units. This is where split case order picking becomes essential. Instead of shipping an entire case, the ordered items need to be picked from the case or a similar container.

The process of split case order picking involves carefully selecting the required items from their larger storage units. This can be done manually by warehouse workers or through automated systems, depending on the scale and complexity of the operation. The goal is to efficiently and accurately retrieve the specific items needed to fulfill the customer's order.

To ensure the smooth execution of split case order picking, several factors need to be considered. Firstly, the items must be properly organized and labeled within the storage units to facilitate easy identification and retrieval. This can be achieved through the use of barcodes, RFID tags, or other tracking technologies.

Secondly, the picking process should be optimized to minimize errors and maximize efficiency. This can be achieved by implementing well-designed picking routes, where workers or automated systems follow a logical path through the warehouse to retrieve the required items. Additionally, the use of technology such as handheld devices or pick-to-light systems can further enhance accuracy and speed.

Split case order picking is particularly important in industries where customers frequently order smaller quantities of items, such as e-commerce, retail, or wholesale distribution. By efficiently picking and shipping individual units from larger cases, businesses can meet customer demands while minimizing waste and optimizing inventory management.

In conclusion, split case order picking is a vital process in logistics that enables the fulfillment of orders for quantities less than a full case. By carefully selecting and retrieving the required items from larger storage units, businesses can efficiently meet customer demands while maintaining accuracy and efficiency in their operations.

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