Al Khabaisi

Al Khabisi is a mixed commercial district next to Deira

Types of Warehouses
Different types and sizes of warehouses are available. The region has many warehouses for retail/ garment storage
Affordable commercial properties
It is connected to the city via Salahuddin Road and Al Ittihad Road and is also close to the Dubai International airport

Why should you consider a warehouse in Al Khabaisi


  • 01
    Warehouses are centrally located in the region
  • 02
    Ideal for retail/ garment storage in and around the Deira market
  • 03
    Ready availability of transport companies for last-minute deliveries


  • 01
    Limited availability of large warehouses
  • 02
    Quality of warehouses is average
  • 03
    Most warehouses are older buildings and do not have newer amenities or security features
  • 04
    Al Khabisi is extremely crowded, with traffic being a major concern

Al Khabaisi Storage - Our Ratings

  • Types of warehouses 7/10
  • Size Availability 8/10
  • Quality 6/10
  • Connectivity 8/10
  • Pricing 8/10

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