Al Qusais

Al Qusais Industrial area is a commercial zone with five sub-communities- Al Qusais 1,2,3,4, and 5.

Types of Warehouses
Different types and sizes of warehouses are available, but the region has many Dubai municipality-approved food-grade warehouses. There are MOH-approved warehouses also available.
Highly priced storage services. It is expensive compared to Sharjah but cheaper compared to warehouses in Al Qusais.
Reasonably connected to the city, but less connectivity as compared to Al Qusais. Close to the Dubai Airport.

Why should you consider a warehouse in Al Qusais


  • 01
    Ideal for food/vegetable storage and MOH-approved goods
  • 02
    Warehouses are centrally located in the region
  • 03
    Warehouses here are preferable for businesses in Sharjah
  • 04
    Ready availability of transport companies for last-minute deliveries


  • 01
    Quality of warehouses is average
  • 02
    Most warehouses are older buildings and do not have newer amenities or security features
  • 03
    Al Qusais is extremely crowded, traffic being a major concern

Al Qusais Storage - Our Ratings

  • Types of warehouses 6/10
  • Size Availability 8/10
  • Quality 6/10
  • Connectivity 8/10
  • Pricing 8/10

Choose the Right Warehouse for Your Business

When choosing a warehouse for your business in the UAE, it is important to consider the nature of your business and your specific needs.

The location of the warehouse depends on the type of your business. Choose a warehouse that is easily accessible to your customers and suppliers.
The cost of a warehouse in the UAE can vary significantly depending on its size, location, and type of business. Choose a warehouse keeping in mind these factors and your budget.
Storage Requirements:
Assess your storage requirements. It is essential to ensure the warehouse size suits your needs. Check the availability of delivery loading bays, lift access, stairs access, etc.
Flexible warehousing:
Consider flexibility, such as short and long-term storage facilities. Such flexibility is essential in the UAE as businesses should be able to adapt to changes in the market easily. You can reduce costs while giving your business the freedom to expand in the future.
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Are you looking for a warehouse in Al Qusais?

Al Qusais is the perfect place for businesses, being located in the heart of Dubai. Businesses can benefit from excellent connectivity to roads, public transportation, shipping ports, and the Dubai International Airport. Companies can easily access other parts of Dubai via public transit, which is accessible in the area.
Renting a warehouse in Al Qusais is convenient for serving the local population efficiently. It allows you to leverage Dubai's pro-business ecosystem, streamlined processes, and investor-friendly initiatives. On-demand Warehousing is ideal if you must keep in line with the budget. Warehouses in Al Qusais are expensive, so it is better to opt for flexible Warehousing and expand your space as your business grows.

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