DIP warehouse - the new Al Quoz

Here are the things you need to know about Warehousing facilities in DIP.
Al Quoz has always been one of the prime locations for industrial developments in the UAE.
Most businesses look here for their warehousing requirements. However, recent times have
seen an increase in crowding and a shortage of warehousing facilities in the region. 

Surprisingly, Dubai Investments Park (DIP) has become a convenient replacement for these
warehousing requirements. DIP is one of the newest eco-friendly and self-contained
development in the UAE region. It is separated into several zones, including residential,
commercial, recreational, and industrial areas. The availability of warehouses with an
international infrastructure, impeccable facilities, and affordable rates has made DIP a
preferable choice when the options get limited in Al Quoz. The location's connectivity with the Jabel Ali Free Zone and most mainland business hubs is also an added advantage
compared to the Al Quoz area, if not better.  

DIP may not come under the Free zone; however, it offers many benefits, making it an
attractive destination for SMEs to do business.  

● Ownership and tax benefits are similar to the Free Zone
● Full repatriation of capital and profits for foreign shareholders.
● Warehousing operations are cheap in this region
● Tariff rates for export and import are nominal
● Location is ideal with respect to the mainland as well as the port. 

Some of the key features that the warehouses in DIP offer include:

● Warehouses available in sizes ranging from 50 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft and various
heights providing optimum vertical storage facilities and loading bays
● Different storage spaces include general cargo, temperature-controlled warehouses,
cold storage, food-grade houses, etc. 
● Warehouses cum showrooms
● Warehouses with office space
● Well-trained and professional staff at the warehouse
● Well-organized waste management system

If you are looking for a warehouse in Dubai Investment Park, contact Cargoz now. We offer
you the best available flexible options for storage as a space where you do not have to
worry about long terms contracts, rentals, or unused space. 
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Vidhu From Cargoz January 6, 2023
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