How to Find the Best Locations for Storage in Dubai

Here is everything you need to know about choosing the perfect location.

The demand for warehouses is high in the UAE region, especially post covid, which saw a
boom in the eCommerce sector. 

The cost and the accessibility of the warehouse are two essential factors when selecting a warehouse for rent. 

There is also the option of flexible storage facilities, wherein you can opt for storage as a service, for a shorter duration of time. 

Knowing the different types of warehouses is an added advantage in choosing the
right one for your business.

Here is how to find the perfect locations for renting storage space in Dubai.

Where to look – Freezone or Mainland

The ideal location of the warehouse would be that it is easily accessible when it comes to
storage as well as distribution. 

Private warehouses in the UAE mainland offer facilities to store and manage goods. 

Dubai Freezone offers many incentives, ownerships, and tax benefits in addition to
customized warehousing facilities with world-class infrastructure. 

It makes an attractive location for traders and investors to look for storage space here.

Dubai Airport Freezone, Dubai South free zone, and Jabel Ali Freezone all have some of the
best warehousing facilities available in the market.

 Type of warehouses

The region has different types of warehouses available for various storage purposes. 

Food-grade warehouses are specialized storage facilities for storing food. 

At the same time,there are AC warehouses to store goods in a temperature-controlled environment.

Understanding the purpose of these warehouses gives you the advantage of knowing what
to expect from a particular kind of storage space, and you can choose the right one.
 Know the requirements

A valid trade license is a must for acquiring storage space as a service or for rent in
the UAE.

If you plan to look for commercial spaces in the Dubai free zones, there would also
be other formalities to obtain permission. All goods entering from the gated Free Zone must
pass through the in-house Customs checkpoints.

Most warehouses in Dubai come with modern infrastructure, with office spaces and
toilets. You can still check on the amenities that come with the warehouse.

● The warehouse size should match your requirement so you dont end up paying for
additional space.

● Parking facilities are essential for parking your private vehicles and the warehouse
trucks for loading and unloading.

Warehouses should have forklift facilities for loading and unloading heavy goods.

You must also have all valid supporting documents supporting your business to be eligible
for signing a storage contract in the UAE. 

Although real estate agents and brokers can help you find a suitable warehouse for rent, you need to be clear about all clauses on your contract before signing it.

Why choose Cargoz for your Warehouse Requirements

The strategic location of the UAE makes it perfect for trading. The market is vast with
immense possibilities. 

Choosing the right warehouse becomes a big decision with considerable outcomes in the long run. Investors can get into long-term lease contracts for running their business or choose flexible storage options where you pay only for what you use every time.

Cargoz is the simplest solution to finding storage spaces for your business. Unlike traditional
leasing, which comes with more than one formality, non-flexible contracts, Cargoz offers
flexible solutions for all your storage needs. 

Looking for a warehouse in Dubai? Connect with us right now!

Vidhu From Cargoz January 5, 2023
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